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Protect Small Businesses

As CEO of Rockwall County’s largest real estate firm and a past president of the Rockwall Chamber of Commerce, Dana knows first-hand how to cut waste, balance a budget, and support Rockwall County businesses.


Low Taxes

Dana believes that the best way to allow Rockwall County families and businesses to thrive is by running a lean and focused government that does not put an undue burden on citizens. She will be a consistent advocate for lower property taxes.


Better Roads, Less Traffic

Rockwall has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, and it is only likely to increase with the planned expansion of I-30 and the continued development of the Rockwall-Technology Park. Rockwall County must continue to be forward thinking in its development so we can spend more time with our families and less time in traffic.


Support Law Enforcement

Dana believes public safety is job number one for any level of government. Growing up she watched her grandfather, father, and uncle, who all served Rockwall County as law enforcement officers, make sacrifices in their own lives to protect and serve our community. Dana will always stand up for our first responders and work to ensure they have the tools and training they need to keep our community safe and secure.

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